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Organizational consultancy

In times of market competition and a dynamic growth of the economy, the competitive advantage of companies and organisations and their ability to adapt to market changes depends not only on the quality of their main services and products. The costs management and the organisational efficiency are just as important.
The optimisation of a company’s or institution’s processes (e.g. through an improved organisational structure) results in better market flexibility and an improvement in efficiency.
Cost Cutters is able to make analyses of any field of activity for companies, organisations or investors.
Our organisational consultancy consists amongst other things of the evaluation of key processes to identify possibilities for the optimisation of the organisational structure.

Our service includes:

  • Consultancy on organisational processes and ways of optimisation,
  • The framing of decision processes towards greater efficiency,
  • Analysis of working methods of the staff to measure efficiency and possible optimisation possibilities by reorganisation,
  • Process mapping,
  • Process analysis,
  • Organisational audit,
  • Audit of management systems,
  • Configuration of a matrix of the organisational structure.
Organizational consultancy

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