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Renewable energy consultancy

One of the priorities of the EU’s economic and environmental policy is the increase in the segment of renewable energy sources for the generation of electricity and heat. For Poland, this implies a rapid development of renewable energy sources such as wind power and biomass.

Cost Cutters cooperates closely here with the Polish energy sector for example in the accomplishment of projects that include biomass market analyses and logistic solutions. We advise in the choice of optimal technological solutions (for example for biomass combustion) and the acquisition of investment funds.

We are authors of the following ideas:

  • Trade market for biomass goods,
  • SPV: special purpose vehicles for the organisation of local biomass markets,
  • Marketable investments in renewable energy sources for the food, industry, municipal institutions and other waste and biomass producers.

We offer our customers comprehensive assistance with such important matters as:

  • Biomass market organisation,
  • Specialised installations,
    - Biomass combustion (e.g. biomass heaters)
    - Biogas (e.g. biogas engines)
    - Pyrolysis
  • Wind and geothermal energy,
  • Hydroelectric power stations,
  • Application and acquisition of funds from EU and state,
  • “Green certificates” (certificates for the production of renewable energy).

Renewable energy consultancy

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