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About us

Cost Cutters is a consulting company working for medium-sized and large firms and investors as well as institutions, non-governmental and governmental organisations. We advise on varied fields of activity of companies and organisations. Thereby our methods and scope of action are adjusted to the individual demand of our clients, to help efficiently and in a focussed manner.

Our profile and activities consist of:

  • Advisory service and consultancy for our clients on the strategy, management and organisation of their companies or institutions,
  • Realisation of investment projects in the energy sector, for example investments in power plants with regard to process optimisation and establishment of the use of renewable energy sources for various matters, but also investments in small and local installations for the production of renewable energy,
  • Realisation of investment projects in the field of environmental protection, especially investments at the local level, e.g. waste water treatment, water supply, sewage systems or waste management,
  • Assistance with the acquisition of EU funds for the development of projects or the implementation and accomplishment of investments.

Our reliable and professional consultancy, based on accurate analyses and audit, is directed to the improvement of the functioning and output of our client’s companies, organisations or investments to increase their efficiency and competitiveness.

Our consultancy does not end automatically with the presentation of solutions. If requested we can support the full implementation of the suggested solutions.

Cost Cutters’ advantage lies in our interdisciplinary team of experienced specialists and advisors and their motivation to find the best solutions for our clients.

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