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Our offer

Strategic consultancy
Organizational consultancy
Core business support
Restructuring Project
Investment consultancy
Project management
Renewable energy consultancy
Consultancy for communal services
Energy sector consultancy
Organisation of seminars and symposia

Organization of specialized trainings

Knowledge and information flow are key elements that influence the performance of companies and their position in the market.

We arrange and hold seminars, workshops and symposia on selected issues. These events are organised and led by experienced and skilled specialists.
Thereby our clients do not only gain knowledge of particular areas but also get a possibility of interacting with the experts and specialists and in laying the cornerstone for future cooperation.

Cost Cutters organises training in the following areas:

  • Development of a company strategy and strategic management,
  • Corporate organisation and overall company management,
  • Company restructuring,
  • Project management,
  • Management of adjustment processes resulting from changes,
  • Renewable energy sources (in particular biomass),
  • Environmental protection (waste economy, waste water treatment),
  • CO2 emissions, use of coal and ash treatment in the energy sector,
  • Investments in renewable energy sources,
  • Local economy (public utilities),
  • Application and acquisition of funds from EU and state,
  • New Connect (the Polish new technology stock market).

Organization of specialized trainings

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