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Our mission

We assist and advise our clients in strengthening their local or market position.

We achieve this by:

Assisting our clients in forming their strategy, modernising management and organisation and in the efficient realisation of projects.

Offering basic consultancy on investments in the fields of renewable energies and environmental protection – from the concept to the acquisition of funds as well as technical support leading to the framework and its realisation.

Our basic principle for the interaction with our clients:

Every single client and every order or appointment is important for us and therefore treated individually. To achieve the best possible effect with our assistance, we differentiate three parts of a project or arrangement:

Initial analysis:

At the beginning we make an initial analysis, consisting of an as-is analysis of the actual market situation and position of the client’s company or organisation and of their expectations and ambitions. Then we identify the actual potential and compare it with the client’s expectations.


Knowing now the expectations of our client and the target of our arrangement, we conduct detailed and specific analyses. Therefore we use only approved and state-of-the-art methods of research and analysis. At every stage of the project we cooperate closely with our clients. Thereby we find the optimal solutions to meet the expectations of our clients.


Our cooperation does not end automatically with the presentation of solutions. To assure our clients of the quality of our consultancy, we are ready to assist with the implementation of their projects and goals and to monitor the effects.

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